Winter Welcome Week: How to be the Classy Party Girl
January 5, 2011 | by

Break is coming to an end and a new semester is on the rise. Everyone knows that the first week of new classes aka “syllabus week” is pretty stress free. This leaves plenty of time for you to recreate the fun you had at the beginning of the school year by participating in winter welcome week. This may not be an official event, but it is a week full of all the parties your little hearts could desire.  If you go to a big college like me and plan on being the life of the party at the start of the semester, follow these tips to be the classy party girl.

  1. Dress to impress without showing too much skin.
  2. Monitor and limit your drinks.

  3. Think twice before you give out your number.
  4. Stick with your friends.
  5. Keep your dancing on the floor, not on tables or poles.

  6. Be flirtatious without being all over him.
  7. Skip the drunken PDAs.
  8. Smile and meet new people.

  9. Carry yourself with pride.
  10. Have fun and be yourself.

Erica Avesian is an intern at College Lifestyles ™. She is a Communications major at the University of Michigan. She loves sparkly nail polish and frilly party dresses.

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