The Classy Co-ed Balancing Act: Success the CL Way!
January 21, 2011 | by

Hello lovely co-ed’s! Now that the spring semester has begun, we are back to performing that delicate balancing act that is required of all classy co-ed’s – performing your sisterly duties and all the while, keeping your stellar GPA looking its best. Balance is the true test of all college students, but there is a finesse to it that only classy co-ed’s can pull off with ease. Though at times it can seem a daunting task, these four steps will help you in any sticky situation that college can throw at you!


I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a schedule from the get-go. Yes, syllabus week is always the greatest because you probably won’t end up getting any homework so you essentially get another week off from school. So, as the classy and extra savvy co-ed’s that you are, take this extra time to sit down in your room with all of your syllabi, and school and sorority calendars laid out in front of you. From there, write everything (and I mean, EVERYTHING) in your planner. I personally use different colored pens for different types of events (pink = sorority, blue = academics, green = sports, purple = other organizations, etc.) so that I’m not looking at one big mess of black pen scribbles. Scheduling is a very important skill to master while you are still in college, because once you’ve done that you find that you’ll actually have more free time than you would had you not scheduled your activities.

Step 2: GET IT DONE!

I was once the Queen of Procrastination, but then realized that I would not only put out a better product if I got my school work and sorority work done when it was assigned but that I would put less stress on myself mentally and physically than when I would rush and pull countless all-nighter’s to get everything done. Taking care of yourself is very important, and as a co-ed you are already plenty stressed simply at the prospect of being a college student and with your sorority duties as well as other organizational duties thrown into the mix, it just amps your stress level to the max! Taking the initiative to get your tasks done sooner rather than later will save you from the multiple mini-panic attacks that plague many college students.

Step 3: SET GOALS!

Setting goals for yourself will help to boost your productivity, which can sometimes lack once the semester gets rolling. Whether it is to be a better sister, to get a 4.0, to start a new philanthropy, to do every practice problem not assigned, or to volunteer once a week in your community, sit down and set a list of about ten goals for the semester that you know can be achieved by working to boost your everyday effort and focus. Frame this list and put it on your desk next to your computer, and this way you will be reminded every day to put your best foot forward in achieving the goals you have set out for yourself!


To a classy co-ed, confidence is everything. If you have confidence, you cannot be stopped! College and sorority life will throw obstacles in your way of every shape and size, but if you can remain composed and have the confidence that you can make it and that you can master all that is put in your path, then you will successfully have what it takes to make it through those four years of college (and graduate school, if you so choose) relatively unscathed.

wise words :)

I wish you all the best in your journey through college. Savor every moment of this wonderful spring semester, because it always goes by faster than the fall, but don’t forget to prioritize your life and to lead with confidence. You all will be FABULOUS!

Jordan Ellis is an intern at College Lifestyles™. She is a graduate student at Pace University in New York City and received her Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) where she was a proud member of Delta Zeta Sorority. She loves movies, sports, too much television, cooking, DIY projects, and playing with her precious Miniature Schnauzer, Beau.

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