The Dish on CL’s Founder and Director – Shelly :)
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My 2009 Halloween Costume - a 1950s French Flight Attendant

My 2009 Halloween Costume - a 1950s French Flight Attendant

Name: Shelly Marie :)

Dream job: Taking College Lifestyles to a full fledge magazine and TV Show!  Can we say Editor-in-Chief of College Lifestyles!  I would like Tyra’s spot OR the 5th hour of the Today Show!

One word to describe me: Intuitive

Favorite movies: Say Anything, Casablanca

Favorite TV Shows: True Blood :), Glee, Mad Men, Intervention, pretty much anything on the Soccer Channel, TLC, Food Network, and A&E

Favorite Color: Yellow :)

Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke

I can’t live without: My Bunny, My Kitties, MACBook, Internet (sorry, I can’t), IPhone, CL Interns, Lil Sis, Big Bro, dark chocolate, coffee, carmex, mascara, Shelly cooked food

Pet peeves: Rude People; people who talk and laugh really loud, especially if  I am at dinner with my bunny; people who talk on their cell phone in the bathroom (gross); guys who call me ‘Girl’

This makes me smile: Hanging out with my loved ones :); cooking

If I had $1 million I would: Buy a CL Loft and Business space (probably in Chicago) and CL would become an officially published magazine (see question 2)!

Cats or dogs: Cats (I have 3 – Max, Gizmo, and Theodore Roosevelt)

When I feel blue I: Crank up the music and dance!

My friends say I am: Witty

Anything else to add: I have a true appreciation for anything classic – the mannerisms of the 40s/50s are top notch in my book!  I love my job as the Executive Director of CL!  I have the wonderful honor of serving as the National Vice President of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority!

image_661_about_meShelly A Marie, MS, RD, LDN is the Executive Director of College Lifestyles.  She loves, loves, loves CL!  How many people can say that about their jobs?

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Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is the founder and CEO/Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles. You can follower her on twitter @shellymarierd.

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