Our Favorite Ways to Store Jewelry
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art-binIf you’re anything like me, you have a ton of jewelry.  I have always had a hard time figuring out how to store it without it all getting tangled since necklaces are my favorite pieces.  I am going to share with you the method I picked up from some lovely ladies in college (thanks Spring 07!)-it hasn’t failed me since!  Believe it or not, I fully believe you should use a tackle box (like for fishing) or something similar.  I have an art box that I use that I got from AC Moore.    This is the one I use here, on sale for $22.79 at Jo Ann Fabrics.


I love the three seperate boxes! Photo by Kaitlyn Kline.

The top compartment is large enough to fit headbands in a way that they don’t bend and snap (sorry for the bad Legally Blonde pun).  I also store some random things in there like hand lotions and really it is my equivalent of a junk drawer… as you can see below.


A great place to store headbands! Photo by Kaitlyn Kline.

Then, you can open up the front and there are three boxes that have movable dividers in them.  These are the best for when you go on vacation because I end up putting the jewelry that goes with certain outfits all in one box and taking one of them with me.  :-)


The dividers keep everything neat! Photo by Kaitlyn Kline.

What did some of our readers have to say?  I have to admit, we have some very creative followers!


Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Box

On Twitter, @healthybeachbum told us she is a fan of the jewelry box, while @Maddie_Elizabet separates hers into daily wear and everything else.  She stores the jewelry she wears every day in a Tiffany & Co. jewelry box and everything else goes in a Vera Bradley jewelry case.


Vera Bradley Jewelry Case

On Facebook, Becky Alberico told us she stores everything in a cigar box.  Lia Sorce bought a really big martini glass to hang all of her earrings on (and trust me, she has a lot!).  Jess Tedder hung picture hooks on the wall because they are cheap and you can add as many as you want to sort out your necklaces!  Jess Morelock took a similar route to me and bought plastic bead organizers from Michaels.  She either puts a single necklace or two different sets of earrings (chandelier and stud for example) in each compartment.   Kayla Martin got her idea from Digital Junk Drawer where they show you how to hang your jewelry inside a picture frame!  She also suggests stapling metal netting to the frame and using the holes in the net to drape the earrings over.


Jewelry Picture Frame from Digital Junk Drawer

What is your favorite way to store your jewelry?  Let us know in the comment section or e-mail us at intern@collegelifestyles.org!


Kaitlyn Kline is an intern with College LifestylesTM.  She is an Edinboro University of PA and Alpha Sigma Tau alum.  She is addicted to jewelry and just bought three anchor necklaces from Forever 21!

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