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I remember I had a week to find a white dress before I was initiated into my sorority and I only had one day to actually go out with my sisters to try to find the whole outfit since I didn’t know the area or had a car of my own. I ended up having to beg my mother to go online back home, search for a dress that was decent enough and have it overnighted to school.

Here I’ve tried to take the guesswork out for us curvy sisters!

Baby Phat: Racer Back Dress. $29.99

Baby Phat: Racer Back Dress. $29.99

This first dress is a little sporty, a little fashionable and a lot of comfortable. Just remember to pair with a cute little white cardigan and you got yourself made!

Baby Phat: V-Neck Ruffle Shirred Dress. $29.99

Baby Phat: V-Neck Ruffle Shirred Dress. $29.99

This next dress is super cute and for the flirty sister. You got your ruffles on top that will show your sisters you’ve got style! Don’t forget to pair with a matching white cardigan.

Liz is an intern with College Lifestyles (TM). She is a Junior, print journalism major at Point Park University and a SUPER proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She wants all you pledges to fit in AND be super fashionable with your ritual dresses!

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