Keeping it Classy: Facebook Status Updates to Avoid.
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Facebook and I have a great relationship!  I  view the pictures of my wonderful sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau, write on their walls wishing them luck at their events, view pictures of my family, and write back and forth with friends!  But, just like with every relationship, I do have a bit of a ‘Facebook pet peeve’  (similar to the peeve I have when gentleman do not wear an undershirt under any shirt!) and it falls under the category of status update etiquette!

When scrolling the home page of the ever-changing Facebook , I cringe at some of the status reports I read.  Here are my top 6 status updates to avoid:

  1. ……hates the world, parents, business, Bobby (or any other ex-boyfriend).

You think:  I am so bad.  I showed them.

We think: Seriously, hate?  That is such a strong word.  Resolve the argument.  If it is a business you hate, call the business to discuss with the manager or file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

  1. ……..hugging the porcelain goddess.


You think:  I showed the world I love to party.  I rock.

We think: Gross.  Not to mention if you are sitting on the dingy bathroom floor with a cute outfit, need we say more.  While we have all been sick, no one needs to hear that you have to ‘#1, #2, or thrown up.’  Instead, ask for the notes in your Biology 204 class.

  1. ………wonders why (insert passive-aggressive statement such as ‘my professor gave me an F’ or ‘Susie is running for president’)

You think: I am so bold and trying to get ‘cheerleaders on my team’ to dislike my professor or Susie.  I showed them.

We think: Gossip.  Instead,  ask the individual.  Set up an appointment with your professor to discuss your grade.  If you are still dissatisfied with your answer, set up an appointment with the dean of the department.  Ask Susie during a meeting or in conversation her 3 goals on becoming president.

  1. …… over it.

You think: I am so over it.

We think:  Congrats!  But over what?  Instead, write a statement referring to something you learned from getting over ‘it.’

  1. ……….wants to punch someone’s face in.

You think:  I want to start a fight!

We think:  Why am I friends with this person?  Being angry is one thing (and I have had my anger moments), but all your friends do not need to know this.  Instead, discuss your  situation with a few of your closest friends.

  1. ………drunk.

You think: Your status tells us.

We think:  We hate to be the deliverer of bad news, but this type of status report can spark a whole new debate of legality.  (Especially for the under 21 crowd.)  In addition to legality, do remember if your employer is your friend, and you call in sick with a cold the next morning, they may not be too excited.  Instead, look to write ‘Night on the town’ instead of ‘Drunk off my xyz.’

The point?  TMI (too much information) is a no-no!  If you are guilty of this (we all are!), learn from your error, and move on to better status updates!

fightShelly A Marie, MS, RD, LDN is the Executive Director of College Lifestyles.  She loves Facebook, but does not want to know you are in the potty.

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Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is the founder and CEO/Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles. You can follower her on twitter @shellymarierd.

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